Apart from new bikes, we offer sales of used bikes of the utmost quality. We understand that many daunting experiences come with buying used bikes, and hence, prepare an adequate analysis of each cycle regarding quality and performance.

Our team is a group of experts that would guide you through choices and purchase. You need not worry about your preferences; we have various options covering different ranges of designs and brands. All you need to do is provide us details of your preferences or go through our used bikes directory carefully and pick.

We operate a directory of used motorcycles, and our choices are strictly based on the following.

Bike Specifications

We consider specifications that include body type, brand, model and design range. It is because all these determine its worthiness and price. We are very selective and careful with used bikes to cater adequately for our esteemed customers.

Quality of parts

No one wants to waste money on dead-ass bikes that give problems from time to time or below expectations. While old used bike models have been commended for their quality parts, we still conduct a careful examination of designs before including them in our plans. These parts include engine type and fuel efficiency rate.

Level of Performance

The excellent quality of certain parts may not always equal a good level of performance. It takes the whole bike to determine the operational status of a bike. A good pick is undoubtedly one that performs incredibly.


We accept trade-in of used bikes for new ones. That is, you can easily change your used cars for new ones at Australian Motorcycles.

You may contact us directly or through a broker. However, we do not compromise quality and conduct a careful examination of the bike before accepting deals. We do not take an extra commission for this service, and the additional value paid to us is the exact result of your bike’s value deducted from the new bike’s value.

Our Directory

  • 2019 Triumph Street Triple S 660 Lams

The Engine is a 660 CC with a speed level of 3,169 kilometres. Also, the fuel type is unleaded.

  • 2011 Honda Cross runner

The Engine is a 782 CC with a speed level of 35,354 kilometres. Also, the fuel type is unleaded.

  • Honda CB650FL

The Engine is a 660 CC with a speed level of 3,169 kilometres. Also, the fuel type is unleaded.

  • 2013 Suzuki Lams  

The Engine is a 649 CC with a speed level of 4,443 kilometres. Also, the fuel type is unleaded.

Why you should choose us

We are a reliable supplier of all ranges of motorcycles with adequate quality and warranty. We offer other services other than sales, such as financing and trade-in. More so, we can ship your order to any location of your choice, and your order may be covered by insurance, depending on your preference.

With Australian Motorcycles, shopping is made easy with our accessible search tools based on your tastes and wants. Our search tools comprised of simple variable options that include brand, price, road or off-road or whether it is LAM approved or not.

We offer demos, and you can book one by filling our enquiry form. We reply to all submissions within 24hours.