Our patent name “Australian Motorcycles” is a testimony that as a leading dealer company in motorcycles, we deal in all kinds of motorcycle ranging from different brands, designs and from old to new. We are famous for trading in sale and trade-ins of new motorcycles whether wholesale or retail. There is hardly any type of bikes you want that we cannot cater from. Is it off-road or road? Australian Motorcycles have got you covered.

Our New bikes collections is a delectable one that comprises new designs from various popular brands that include Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, GasGas, Suzuki, KTM, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Triumph. Our collections are not limited to the above brands as we strive to make them better each day for our customers’ convenience and satisfaction. They may be road or off-road. It is indeed a market for all, and you can make a good adventure out of any of the following models. We also have provided a short description of each to inform your choice.



Super sports are one of the most viewed and listed road bikes and are usually made of the plastic body. It is built strictly for road travels, and adventures underfit and safe conditions. If you are looking for exceptionally lightweight and nimble bikes with great capacity, supersport is your best bet.


The main objective of touring bikes is easy motorcycle touring with lots of space for loads.


A cruiser bike is suitable for excursions and short city trips. They are best recommended because of their low speed and balance control on different paths.

Sport Touring

Sport Touring bikes are helpful for track and highway riding.


A naked bike is one stripped off of fairings and ready to take the road.  They come in all kinds of designs and forms and very user and road-friendly.

Another road bike you would love is the Super Motard.                


Off-road bikes are adventure motorcycles similar to their road counterparts but differ in name, seats, travel suspension, and wheels.  These parts are longer in off-road bikes. Some famous road bikes are the adventure, farm, trail, fun/youth and enduro- 4-stroke.

There are other designs of road and off-road motorcycles which you can browse from our in-stock page.

We also deal in various motorcycle parts for your preferred bike setup, and the features include gears, various bike accessories and spare parts.

Why you should choose us

We are a reliable supplier of all ranges of motorcycles with adequate quality and warranty. We offer other services other than sales, such as financing and trade-in. More so, we can ship your order to any location of your choice, and your order may be covered by insurance, depending on your preference.

With Australian Motorcycles, shopping is made easy with our accessible search tools based on your tastes and wants. Our search tools comprise simple variable options that include brand, price, road or off-road, or LAM approved. We offer demos, and you can book one by filling our enquiry form. We reply to all submissions within 24hours.

We offer demos, and you can book one by filling our enquiry form. We reply to all submissions within 24hours.