Financing is inevitable in day to day running of life. Gone are the days when bikes used to be the cheapest machines. These days, a motorcycle may cost more than a vehicle does since different brands have different luxury models. However, you don’t need to break a bank to purchase one when you need it.

Motorcycle financing is similar to any other types of funding and is simply the process of seeking loans or financial assistance to buy a bike. With various financing options, you can borrow any amount and pay in instalments.

Benefits of Motorcycle Finance

The objective of motorcycle financing is to establish a convenient bike ownership system for various purposes. Other benefits are

  • Easy Payment Plan

The repayment plan for seeking a loan is very flexible and is often based on the financing option plan.

  • Flexibility

Initially, taking out a loan is tedious and discouraging, but it is made more accessible now.

  • No collateral

At Australian Motorhomes, we do not accept collaterals, making the whole process simpler and convenient with our finance team.

  • Low-interest rates

Our interests are affordable. Kindly contact our finance team through our contact page.

What we finance

  • New bikes and used bikes

Our financing options are good sources of funds for your plan to purchase a new or used motorcycle. We are concerned about your convenience, making it easier by offering various financing plans with a comfortable repayment system.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a big deal, especially where it concerns investments such as the huge purchase of a luxury motorcycle. It simply guards against accidents and compensates insurers adequately for their losses.

Finance Options

At Australian Motorcycles, we offer different financing options through our finance team. Various finance options may be personal or for commercial purposes. These finance options assist you in selecting carefully the one that suits your needs and preferences, and they include

  • Finance Lease

A finance lease is a type of lease associated primarily with professionals and business moguls to provide people opportunities. In this case, the financier offers you options to terminate the lease or elect to buy the motorcycle or renew your lease. 

  • Operating lease

An operating lease is another type of lease. It refers to the rental of chattels in which the borrower returns such chattel at the end of the contract.

  • Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage involves situations in which the borrower is given title claim of the motorcycle upon its delivery. Simultaneously, the finance company maintains a lien on the good until the debt is liquidated.

  • Hire Purchase

Another financing option and perhaps the commonest is Hire purchase. In this case, we deliver possession of bikes upon the signing of the contract and payment of a valued deposit. At the end of our contracts, you may either redeliver the chattel and terminate our contract or choose to purchase the car.

Car Repayment Calculator

Our car repayment calculator assists you to calculate your instalment payments accurately until there is no debt to pay. Our calculator requests for loan value or amount, term of repayment, interest rate and deposit, if any.

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