Welcome to Australia Motorcycles – a leading machine dealer firm in Australia.

Australian Motorcycle deals in all kinds of motorcycle ranging from different brands, designs and from old to new. We are famous for trading in sale and trade-ins of new motorcycles, whether wholesale or retail and old and used motorcycles. There is hardly any bikes you want that we do not provide. Whether it is off-road or road, Australian Motorcycles have got you covered.

We offer other services apart from the sale, and they include finance and insurance. Our experience has served us and continues to assist us in giving you the best service. We pride ourselves in excellent service delivery and, therefore, source from various brands ranging from most popular to less and cover all price ranges. The brands include Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, GasGas, Suzuki, KTM, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Triumph.

Our team comprises experts across the world that have adequate knowledge of the operations of the machine world. They possess skills and quality that has helped them retain their stance in the industry for at least half a decade. Our success is built on the solid foundation of providing excellent quality motorcycles to aid the performance of different activities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater for all machine needs of various buyers within and outside of Australia.

Our Vision

We share a vision for the growth of the company. We look forward to being reckoned with as the first and foremost Motorcycle dealer in Australia.

What we do

  • We sell new and old Motorcycles.

Australian Motorcycles is your one-stop shop for all your motorcycle needs, including parts and accessories. We also accept trade-ins.

  • Insurance and Finance

We also provide insurance and finance options through an established team for that purpose.

  • Service and Repairs

Australian Motorcycles also operates a service centre for all kinds of bikes.

Why you should choose us

We are a reliable supplier of all ranges of motorcycles with adequate quality and warranty. We offer other services other than sales, such as financing and trade-in. More so, we can ship your order to any location of your choice, and your order may be covered by insurance, depending on your preference.

With Australian Motorcycles, shopping is made easy with our accessible search tools based on your tastes and wants. Our search tools comprised of simple variable options that include brand, price, road or off-road or whether it is LAM approved or not.

We offer demos, and you can book one by filling our enquiry form. We reply to all submissions within 24hours.


How long would it take for shipment?

We allow shipment of goods in case you are unable to pick them up. Goods are dispatched as soon as possible, which we will notify you of. It would at least take two to five days.

Can I get an accurate fitment for my bike?

All parts and accessories are labelled with description. Kindly go through them and seek the ones that have the same size as your motorcycle parts.